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Aspire USB Charger
Aspire USB Charger

Aspire USB Charging Cord

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Aspire USB Cord
Part Number: AUSBCC
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Genuine Aspire!

This Aspire USB Charger cable can be used with any Aspire CF batteries.

This Aspire USB Charger cable has a nice Aspire logo on it that is backlit with a red and green LED to indicate charging and charged status.
  • Input: DC 5V
  • Output: DC 4.2V & 420mA
Usage Comments:
  • This Aspire USB cable is for all Aspire CF batteries
  • This USB cable can be used with any eGo style battery
  • To charge your Aspire battery simply plug this USB cable to your computer or wall adapter and connect it to your battery.
  • Once the battery indicator turns green - the battery is fully charged.

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