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Trustfire Mulifunctional Dual Slot Charger

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Trustfire Dual Charger
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Genuine Trustfire!

Trustfire TR-001 Dual channel Lithium Battery charger.

Has two independent charging channels for Li-Ion batteries with a seperate LED for status for each channel. Red = Charging, Green = Charged
4.2 volt, 500ma output charges batteries quickly..
Works with most any cylindrical Li-Ion or IMR 3.7 volt batteries: 18650, 18500, 18350,17670, 16340, 14650, 14500, 14430, 10440.

Xtreme Vapour's  mission is to provide you with the best premium electronic cigarettes and e juice at the most reasonable price.  We stand behind our products with a 30 day Limited  Warranty against manufacturer's defects on all standard batteries, chargers and wall adapters.  Variable voltage batteries and mods come with a limited 14 day warranty.  This warranty does not extend to any atomizers, atomizer heads (coils) or e liquid.  Atomizers, although refillable are sold as a single use disposable item and come with no warranty.  Although made to the highest standards electronic cigarette parts may fail or degrade over a period of time (especially if in constant use) the atomizers natural lifespan is around 14-45 days and batteries are expected to last 2-4 months. 

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