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Joyetech Ego USB Charger
Joyetech Ego USB Charger

Joyetech 420MAH eGo USB charger

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Joyetech USB Charger
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Genuine Joyetech!

Ego 420 mah USB Charging Cord only.

To charge any ego and most generic electronic cigarette battery, simply 
screw into the charger (finger tight!). 

The LED will turn RED indicating that the battery is charging. When charging is complete, the LED will turn GREEN.  Please take your battery off the charger when charging is complete.

This USB charger can be plugged into any standard USB port that does not have a rapid charge feautre.  You can also use it with our wall to USB adapter or car to USB adapter (sold separately).
USB + 510/510-T dedicated port input: DC 5V,500mA output: DC 4.2V,150mA
USB + eGo/eGo-T dedicated port input: DC 5V,500mA output: DC 4.2V,420mA

Xtreme Vapour's  mission is to provide you with the best premium electronic cigarettes and e juice at the most reasonable price.  We stand behind our products with a 30 day Limited  Warranty against manufacturer's defects on all standard batteries, chargers and wall adapters.  Variable voltage batteries and mods come with a limited 14 day warranty.  This warranty does not extend to any atomizers, atomizer heads (coils) or e liquid.  Atomizers, although refillable are sold as a single use disposable item and come with no warranty.  Although made to the highest standards electronic cigarette parts may fail or degrade over a period of time (especially if in constant use) the atomizers natural lifespan is around 14-45 days and batteries are expected to last 2-4 months.

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