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Kangertech T2 Long Wick Atomizer Coils (5 pack)

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T2 Long Wick Coils (5 Pack)
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Genuine Kangertech!
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T2 Long Wick Replacement Atomizer Coil 5 pack.


Replaceable atomizer head (simply unscrew)
Resistance: 1.8 ohm, 3.0 ohm
Top coil atomizer

How to Use:

Simply unscrew the top of your T2, unscrew remove the current atomizer head, make sure the wicks are facing down and close to the body of the atomizer and gently insert and screw in, avoid getting the strings in the threading.


5 pack T2 atomizer heads (1.8 ohm or 3.0 ohm)

The T2 has a ego thread and is compatible will all Ego threaded batteries. Some units like the iTaste require a 510 to Ego adapter.

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