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Kangertech T2 Changable Long Wick Clearomizer Tank

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T2 Long Wick Tank
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 Genuine Kangertech!

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The T2 atomizer tank has a longer wick than the T2 short wick.

The T2 also has a large 2.4 ml tank for less time filling, more time vaping.


Replaceable atomizer head (simply unscrew)
Resistance: various 1.8 ohm – 3.0 ohm
Capacity: 2.4ml
Top coil atomizer system
Easy to clean
Cheap to maintain (buy atomizer heads when needed, the shell is very durable)

How to Use:

Simply unscrew the top, tilt the unit and pour liquid into the side of the unit avoiding the middle airflow tube and fill. Then gently screw the top back on. Ensure the entire wick has been drenched in liquid by turning the tank upside down and it’s good to keep tilting the unit from time to time and getting liquid in the wick to get better flavor.

Please let sit for few minutes for wick absorption before use.
Please remember, tanks are made of plastic and metal parts

.  Do not exert undo pressure, store in pocket, drop, or over tighten parts.
.  Store all units and parts in the case when not in use
.  Do not store in extreme heat or extreme cold areas, the consistency of the juice is made for optimum performance for all units.


Remove the wick and wash all the components in warm water.


1 T2 Unit with 1 atomizer head 1.8 ohms

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