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Kangertech T3S Changable Atomizer Tank

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T3S Tank
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The T3S is a bottom coil Clearomizer tank system by Kanger. It features replaceable atomizer heads and has a e Liquid capacity of about 3ml. 

Bottom coil cartomizers provide a nice warm vapor, with a superb clean flavor, and reduced wicking issues.

Unlike other Clearomizers, the mouthpiece of the T3S is permanently attached and it is filled from the bottom. This three-piece design is a major advantage over other tanks with replaceable atomizer heads.

How to refill the atomizer:

To fill the Kanger T3S hold the tank upside down, unscrew the bottom base and fill with approx. 2ml of eLiquid. With the tank mouthpiece-end down, screw the atomizer head back on. 

How to replace the atomizer coil:

Hold the tank with the mouthpiece down, then unscrew the bottom base, then unscrew the atomizer coil and screw a new atomizer coil in place, refill the tank at this time, then screw the base back on and it's ready to use.


Kanger T3S Clearomizer 2.2ohm

Cartomizer: heating coil is replaceable
Capacity: 3.0ml 1000puffs
Suitable voltage: 3.2 - 3.7V
Length: 70mm x Diameter: 14mm

Ego thread capable

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